US Congress Candidate - Unaffiliated Candidate

Political Beliefs

Small Business

Small business should be free to improve their competitiveness and profitability. They are the engine of our economy. Small businesses create jobs in America – not government. We should create a positive environment where small business not only exist but flourish.


Protectionism used to be a dirty word. Do we wait until every factory is closed and all of our jobs are sent overseas before we do something to protect small business? We must realize that we have to protect our small businesses.


I’m for the right kind of job creation. We need to bring back vocational education and on-the-job training programs that positively impact small businesses. A significant tax holiday should be available for any new business that meets certain criteria.

Free Fair Trade

Our capitalist economy depends on free, fair trade. When inequalities exist between trading partners; it may be free but not fair. Other countries aren’t regulated by OSHA, EPA, and minimum wage as strictly as America is. Our government has to require equal regulation for these trading partners or enforce a tariff to provide equality.


I’m pro-military. Our servant government is responsible for protecting its citizens from aggression, both foreign and domestic. We should ALWAYS fight our wars to win and allow our military leaders the freedom to get the job done. We should continue to have the best equipped and the best trained military in the world.

Smaller, Leaner Government

The government should not spend more money than it brings in through representative taxation. The Federal Government should operate from a balanced budget and we should require this within the next 5 years.


The right to own and bear arms must be maintained for the benefit of all citizens. If gun rights are withheld or guns outlawed, then only the criminals will have guns.

Term Limits

I believe in term limits. Our founding fathers didn’t design the system for career politicians. Our servant government is full of “non-representing” representatives. There MUST be restrictions of term limits to keep fresh ideas and new life flowing throughWashington.