US Congress Candidate - Unaffiliated Candidate

The Goal

The goal of Independents is to have a voice in our government, as we make up a large percentage or voters. Many Independents have to take a back seat because of the restraints placed on us. When Brown versus The Board of Education (the landmark civil rights case) was argued the Supreme Court ruled that separate was NOT equal, thus forcing integration of school, yet if you are an Independent you are treated separately than if you are in a political party. The parties make the rules that Independents are forced to abide by.

The Challenge

The Challenge of the Independent candidate is to collect 4% of registered voters signatures. In the 5th district that is 18,123 signatures. This is the ONLY way an Independent can get on the ballot. In 109 years of paper ballots in North Carolina an Independent has never been able to get on the ballot because the bar has been set so high. The highest signature requirement ever met by a U.S. House candidate is 12,919 by Frazier Reams in Ohio in 1954. Only one other person has ever gotten more than 12,000 signatures, yet North Carolina requires over 18,000.

How You Can Help

You can help - please download a petition sign it, have your friends, family, coworkers and people from your church sign it and return it to me at the address on the contact us page or to your county’s Board of Elections. Help me beat the onerous system that is in place. Be an active part of making a difference in North Carolina and across America.

To send in a petition, please click on the correct one for your county below, print it, and then fill it out.

Please mail petitions to:
Brad Smith
149 Hunter Hills St.
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659